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Home Again

February 27, 2009

I returned yesterday from eight days in Oregon attending F2F (face to face) for my seminary studies at George Fox Seminary.  It was so good to spend these learning days with my MAML mates.  We gather two times a year for seven days of study over eight days.  Since our first meeting in late August 2007 we have developed a learning community that goes beyond education to support, friendship and care.  We are a diverse lot spanning an age range of 24 to 56; comprised of six women and 13 men we represent a colorful spectrum of denominations — Nazarene, Baptist (SB), Evangelical (ECNA), Friends (Quaker), Foursquare, Church of God (pentecostal), Lutheran, Presbyterian, Vineyard, non-denominational (including church plants), and Covenant (me).  The churches we are involved in range in size from XLLL to XS.  We live in Alaska, Washington, California, Texas, Ohio, Montana, Illinois, Kansas, Florida, and yes Oregon.

In our time together as a cohort we have heard from our professors again and again how “deep” and thought provoking our discussions are on-line.  Yesterday and today we are finding our way back to our families and those we hold so close to us when we are gone.  And we are tired and reflecting on what we have heard and learned from our times of pressing through.  We need these next few days to absorb.

Why do I need time to absorb?  Because I have about 30 pages of notes to review and assimmulate from Christian History and Theology from the Reformation through Liberation and Liberal theology (which takes us into the 20 th century).  Because I am learning more about our images of God — not that we worship another god, but because we often substitute or have incomplete (and yes, sometimes false) images of God.  And because we live in a culture that is constantly changing– even if we do not see it, it is.  In our Culture and System Change class with Joseph Myers (author of The Search to Belong and Organic Community) we looked at agrarian and technomadic.

My time with my cohort, Dr. Daniel Brunner, Dr. Carole Spencer, Joseph Myers (and Dr. MaryKate Morse & Darla Samuelson) and new friends in the 08 cohort (hi Elizabeth!) reminds me again why I love being a student at George Fox Seminary.   I’ll share some snapshots in the coming days.

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