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The purpose of the Pathway Journeys blog is to share with others my learning journey as a student at George Fox Seminary in Ministry Leadership. In essence, at the heart I share with you my journey of faith in and with Jesus Christ and invite you to join the conversation. This is a safe place to question, to wonder, to grow deeper, to genuinely live a life committed to loving God and loving others. To integrate faith with life.

In my first year of studies we were asked to write a personal mission and vision statement.  It describes who I am and reveals the core of my motivation.

My Mission Statement:

My mission is to create, connect and restore places of integration for others along the path of life.

My Vision Statement:

I am one who develops, enhances, and communicates

through word and speech the transforming love of God.

Therefore I provide and experience family relationships that mutually reflect

nurture and affirmation resulting from the healing love of Christ.

From this center I am engaged in work that energizes me

to daily pursue opportunities for others to experience and

participate in the fullness of God’s love.

I am a bridge builder in that process where

discipleship integrates faith with life.

Therefore others are drawn to join me in effective ministry

bringing health and life to the Church and community.

This enables me to provide for my personal needs

as well as for the needs of others.

At the end of the day as well as at the end of my life

I know that my life has contributed for the eternal.

When I stand before my Lord He says to me,

“Well done my faithful servant. Enter into my joy.”

And I do.

I am also…

  • Married to a wonderful guy named Steve that loves me and supports my dreams of serving as a woman in ministry.  We’ve been married 31 years and it keeps getting better!
  • I have three amazing adult children & one amazing son-in-law: Carmen and Dave (married to Carmen), Philip and Becca, and two wonderful grandchildren — Micah and Tali (mom and dad are Carmen and Dave).
  • Gig Harbor, Washington is home
  • I’m a Duck (University of Oregon alumni).
  • My goal in 2009 is to complete a triathlon (I did my first one in 2004 — yes it’s been a while).  Getting in shape is much harder than staying in shape.  Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson
  • My favorite movies are: The Lord of the Rings trilogy; A League of Their Own (I still cry when I see it); and The Sound of Music (my favorite as a girl growing up).
  • My favorite books-currently (this is hard):  The Shack by William Young, Prayer by Richard Foster, Soul Graffiti by Mark Scandrette
  • I grew up in Oregon (West Linn to be exact) and could easily move back.
  • I love the salt air of Puget Sound and the foghorns from the Narrows Bridge
  • I know God accepts me and loves me and that compels me to follow Him.
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  1. Sandy Grogan permalink
    March 6, 2008 5:15 am

    Carol, I don’t blog. I don’t even know what it is. but I know Jesus as my Savior and I know you do too. And I loved being a part of your journey to pray for Kathryn Tobias. And Christos.

    So I’m here. Trying to keep up with you fast moving younger set. And admiring you…but more so, I admire the Lord that keeps us all community…keeps us all going on the paths that He alone has ordained for us…and equips us for.

    So envy can’t be a part. Because we are who He has asked us to be. I love you for your walk and your obedience. I love our Lord for calling you to a deeper walk on a different road from mine. But still, we walk together toward Him and our untimate place with Him in eternity. Thank you for your obedience to His call to Faith. Go girl! Be His the best you can and leave the rest to Him. To Him be the Glory. Amen Sandy

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